5.1.5 Woodbarton

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In 1921 Woodbarton was built as a new house for Desmond Chute. After Chute left the Guild soon after, the House was then occupied by by Gill’s brother-in-law, Charles Waters who also acted as the Guild Treasurer. In 1929, Valentine KilBride moved with his family into the house where they remained until 1982. In 1983, Edgar Holloway bought the property from the Guild and added the workshop on the front. He lived there until his death in 2008. His widow continued to live there until 2016.

Woodbarton Cottage
The commission that ignited Gill’s carer as a sculptor was the Stations of the Cross for Westminster Cathedral which he completed over the period 1913-1919. The borders of each station had an individual design and the upper border of one design was never used as it broke in transit. It was fitted above the Woodbarton fireplace and is shown above. It has since been sold.