2.3 Foundation – 1920 to1921

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As well as Gill and Pepler, there were two other craftsmen involved in the early days of the Guild: these were Desmond Chute, a young artist with whom Gill had formed a close bond and Joseph Cribb, Gill’s assistant An early decision was that there should be a chapel; it was also decided to erect a large crucifix, on the nearby hillock, formed from spoil from the railway cutting at the edge of the common and an appeal to this end was launched in 1920, stressing the link with the end of the War.

Moves were then taken to give the Guild a formal basis, and a constitution was agreed at a meeting held on 18 July 1920, subject only to approval by Fr McNabb. This is the constitution, lettering by Joseph Cribb:

The announcement of the formation of The Guild however, was not made until the September 1921 edition of The Game which set out the central principles:

The chapel

As well as the chapel, Gill and Pepler build workshops for themselves and the Guild was under way.

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