5.1.10 St Anthony’s

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In 1921 Gill had organised the building of a house in Folders Lane for one Miss Wall and her companion Miss Binney who intended to use it as an orphanage. This house was called St Anthony’s and was next door to the Guild. As it happened, the orphanage plan stalled and the house was used for a time by the Cribb family. In September 1924 the Cribbs moved out and the building was sold to a community of Franciscan nuns. What happened after that, I do not know, I think it must have been demolished to make way for a larger, more modern building.

I have seen no photographs of St Anthony’s, but I do have the following copy of a plan by Eric Gill of a house to be built in Folders Lane in 1921 – so this must surely be St Anthony’s.

Many thanks to Mr David Roth of Pennsylvania for providing this.